Overview and benefits for Developers

Providing a robust platform that supports multi-tenancy, cross platform functionality and an easy to use development framework, DuoWorld allows quick development, deployment and delivery of applications.

We help you reduce development complexity, and build better cloud applications faster.

  • Leverage the features available to code and update apps and then deploy and deliver to end user within minutes.
  • Get the agility and other benefits of using a public PaaS without compromising on security.
  • Save time and resources by simplifying the application lifecycle management process.
  • Buy and use existing applications to build new apps reducing time.
  • Extend existing skills and build applications using powerful tools and services available to increase productivity.
  • Build applications that inherit a powerful and consistent architecture that promotes scalability and high availability.
  • With multiple developers working on one single platform, opportunities exist to discover different patterns and methodologies.
  • All developer tenants are inter-connected using the “Cloud Event Bus”.