Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Muhunthan Canagasooryam

Founder and Chief Architect

Muhunthan Canagasooryam also known as Muhunthan Canagey is the founder and Chief Architect of DuoWorld. Muhunthan’s deep passion for technology and innovation, and his advocacy to develop cutting-edge enterprise applications, to enrich user experiences revolving around complicated operation issues faced in businesses, was fulfilled with the formation of Duo World Inc.

Muhunthan has been instrumental in building best practices, re-engineering business processes, and financial restructuring for many corporates and start-ups. He has also built specific business and process models for some of the leading businesses to increase revenue per subscriber, customer retention and increased levels of customer satisfaction.

For its cutting- edge technology and user friendliness today, DuoWorld’s subscriber management and billing system is been used by the leading Pay-TV operators in the Region. The Contact Center and CRM Solution is been used by leading retail chains, financial institutions and airlines. DuoWorld won the Merit Award at Asia Pacific Information Communication and Technology Awards (APICTA) in 2012 for its robust solution.

His passion for technology has made him deeply committed to the development of IT and infrastructure development in Sri Lanka, and he has been heavily involved in building entrepreneurship in the country. He sits on many business forums to empower organizations to use IT in order to map business processes to IT systems.

He stepped into the field of IT at a very young age of 16, and was one of the country’s youngest entrepreneurs. Muhunthan holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Keele (UK) and has extensive knowledge of the IT Industry with over two decades of experience in the field of IT. He was the founder and CEO of multiple technology enterprises and was the founder and CEO of a highly successful enterprise in the area of satellite communication and media: the only DTH platform in Sri Lanka. He was one of the pioneers in the South Asian Region to launch a state of the art Pay-TV platform in Sri Lanka.

With his extensive knowledge in the Pay-TV industry and the passion for technology, he envisioned to develop a robust Subscriber Management and Billing System for the Pay-TV industry. He believes that businesses can only survive and sustain though a better customer engagement and service which led him to architect the most integrated and intuitive Contact Center and CRM Solution.

Muhunthan currently is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA); the apex ICT institution of the Government that has been mandated to implement the Government’s policy and action plan in relation to ICT.  The Government has begun transforming Sri Lanka’s ICT to create a knowledge based society by digitally empowering its citizens, and  Muhunthan together with ICTA, was instrumental in providing  free internet to every citizen and also launching the Google Loon Project in Sri Lanka.

Jennifer Samuel Perera

Director and Chief Finance Officer

As Chief Finance Officer and Director of DuoWorld, Jennifer is responsible for leading the company towards financial growth while ensuring sustainability and profitability.

Prior to joining DuoWorld Jennifer has held highest positions at one of the largest IT equipment reseller and a DTH satellite media company.

Whilst at the DTH Satellite media company, Jennifer lead the financial, commercial and human resources due diligences, valuation of equity and was a key player in the successful completion of the sale of shares of the company.

She has also acquired extensive experience whilst working for one of the largest organization in the consultancy and advisory services; where she gained experience in manufacturing, trading, hospitality, banking & finance, NGO and advertising industries.

In 2011, Jennifer was appointed as the Chief Carbon Officer for the Company as it was during 2011, that the company obtained certification as the world’s first software development company to become Carbon Neutral.

Jennifer, is a Management Accountant by profession and a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (FCMA-UK) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Postgraduate Institute of Management, affiliated to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (PIM – Sri.J) Sri Lanka.

Although Jennifer specializes in Finance and Management, she is also competent in handling operations, administration, human resource management, and setting up strategic business units across borders.

Riad Ameen

Director – Legal

Riad has overall responsibility for Duo World’s legal function through the provision of legal advisory services and ensuring effective management of legal and contractual risks.

With over 20 years’ experience in the legal industry, Riad brings a wealth of knowledge in public law, commercial/corporate law, taxation and commercial litigation.

Riad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of London and a Master of Laws Degree (LL.M) from the University of Colombo Sri Lanka. He is a Barrister of the Lincoln’s Inn, United Kingdom, and an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. He was called to the bar in 1998. He was a Junior Counsel in the chambers of Mr.Faisz Musthapha, President’s Counsel.

In 1999, he joined the official bar as a State Counsel in the Attorney General’s Department of Sri Lanka. While at the official bar, he has advised the Government of Sri Lanka and several of its department’s and statutory corporations and represented them in litigation. He was also a Consultant to the Public Enterprise and Reform Commission (PERC), which overlooked government privatization. In 2006, Riad returned to the unofficial bar.

Riad was appointed as a Director to Duo World Inc. on February 2015. He also serves as a Director for ECI Tax Chamber (Private) Limited, which is a company incorporated in Sri Lanka that provides tax advisory services from March 2009. Presently he is serving as a Legal Consultant to Hemas Holdings PLC, a company quoted in the Colombo Stock Exchange from February 2006 and D.L.& F. De Sarams; a 125 year old law firm in Sri Lanka from 2014.

Duo Management

Anjana Chandrathilaka

Chief Operations Officer

Anjana is passionate about bringing in positive change to the business processes of our clients, he facilitates his proficiency to radically improve our clients businesses with the effective use of our enterprise solutions. In the past he has managed the delivery of some of the high profiled clients of DuoWorld and ensured a successful implementation of the system. He currently manages the operations of DuoWorld as the Chief Operations Officer and spearhead project teams to achieve higher productivity.

He works closely with the Board of Directors to meet the company’s objectives while ensuring a smooth operation of the organization through clear communication across all divisions.

Anjana brings in a decade of work experience from healthcare, BPO, education and service industries which includes working with US clients. He holds a B.Sc. Information Technology (Special) from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and a B.Sc. Finance (Special) from University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He exhales in project management, business development and operations.

Ajeewan Aru

Head of Product and Market Development

Ajeewan, Head of Product and Market Development of DuoWorld, has made his career in marketing enterprise technologies, and has successfully built enterprise application brands and strategizing cloud product marketing.

He possess  over a decade of diversified experience in working for leading Pay-Tv, Telecom and BPO industries in the past and is currently responsible for DuoWorld’s global marketing strategy and business development. He has the expertise to handle business development, sales & marketing, key account management, project management and operations.  He is at his best to understand the potential customer business and strategic requirement and has the ability to engage the team to produce enterprise solutions that would cater to the industry keeping in line with the fast paced change of the industry.

He was also appointed as the Team Lead for DuoWorld’s Green Team in 2011 and was directly reporting to the Chief Carbon Officer to lead the organization to become the first Carbon Neutral software development company in the world.

Ajeewan was instrumental in leading the organization to present its robust products at the local and international award stages and was successful in winning prestigious awards for DuoWorld products.

He holds a degree BA (Hons) in Leadership Management from Northumbria University (UK).

Sudarshini Rajaratnam

Head of Human Resources Development

As the Head of Human Resources, Sudarshini’s experience in people management, organizational development, IT and quality management system makes her one of the crucial members of the team. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Lincoln (UK). The people focused approach she brings to the management table is vital and plays a big role in setting up the DuoWorld’s culture while ensuring fair play across the organization.

Sudarshini also, possess expertise in ISO Internal Audit and has the ability to handle administration and operations of organizations.

She has acquired more than a decade of experience working for organizations, gaining experience and exposure in supply chain management, INGO, education and BPO industries, which includes multinationals.

Rangika Perera

Senior Manager – Projects and Products Incubation

Rangika leads the Projects and Products Incubation of DuoWorld. He possess 7 years of experience in the technology industry with 5 years of experience as a Project Manager.  He holds a B.Sc. in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University (UK).

Rangika has managed international and local projects from its inception to delivery while ensuring the profitability of the project and customer satisfaction. He is dedicated to what he does and has managed the synergy between all the verticals in the organization.

As a Product Incubator his key responsibilities include managing a product portfolio in multi-industries & domains, managing the business requirement & updating all stakeholders from initiation to planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and the closure phase of the product. He directly reports to the Chief Architect of DuoWorld and ensures product development objectives are achieved as per to the organizations roadmap.

Rangika’s main focus is also to ensure a quality delivery with a good approach, adhering to practices of the agile scrum processors.

Sukitha Jayasinghe

Software Architect

Sukitha possess vast experience and knowledge in the telecommunication Industry and communications/VoIP platforms. He currently serves as the Software Architect and his key responsibilities involve technology research & development, and product designing.

With his dedication and commitment to excellence, he grew with the company to become a Software Architect. Initially he was involved in redesigning and developing the contact center solution which aligns with VoIP standards. The expertise he has in network and VoIP protocol helped to successfully deploy the contact center solution to many clients.

He is now spearheading a highly skilled team of engineers developing a fully-fledged communication as a service framework for DuoWorld.

Nilakshini Goonawardena

Legal Officer

Nilakshini joined DuoWorld in 2015 and is employed in the Legal Department. In her position she represents the Company as the Legal Officer. Nilakshini’s responsibilities include drafting, vetting, reviewing & executing different types of contracts & other commercial documents for a range of local and foreign customers, suppliers and statutory authorities; assisting corporate planning  and strategy for acquisition; advising the Company on corporate compliance with statutory obligations; advising internal departments of the Company around legal requirements; liaising with customers and statutory authorities; conducting searches in Registrar of Companies and attending to all Company Secretarial matters and maintaining and updating all legal documents.

She holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Having conveyancing practice as well as  commercial and corporate law experience from her previous role as a Senior Associate at Ganlaths International Legal Consultants; a reputed law firm based in Colombo, she assists the Company with her knowledge and experience in the sphere of corporate law.

Iroshan Kumarasinghe

Senior Manager – Technical

Iroshan leads the technical team of DuoWorld with his thorough knowledge and expertise in technology and serves as the Senior Manager – Tehnical. His areas of expertise includes software development, technology management, project management, network and communication technologies and cloud operations deployments.

He had qualified with a B.Sc. in Information Technology (Special) from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and currently reading for his Master’s in Business Administration specializing in Management at the Management of Technology, University of Moratuwa. Apart from his academic qualifications he is also a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and holds the membership in British Computer Society and the Sri Lanka Computer Society.

Chinthaka Thiyabarawatte

Product Development Manager

Chinthaka serves as the Product Development Manager at DuoWorld. He manages the development of DuoWorld’s products. With over 8 years of experience working in the software industry and has an excellent understanding on technologies and product development planning.

In his capacity as Product Development Manager, he leads a team of developers and excels in areas of decision making, problem solving and the ability to work under pressure facing challenges and setting up goals to meet deadlines provided by clients.

Chinthaka holds a B.Sc. in Physical Science from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Sampath Hewamanage

Manager – Technical Support

Sampath leads the Global Technical Support Team at DuoWorld and he is responsible of support and maintenance of DuoWorld products. He possesses immense experience and exposure of foreign markets, and has handled some of the largest cable operators in India for more than 3 years. His main responsibilities includes handling critical customer issues and managing a team of vibrant individuals for maximum productivity.

He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Software Engineering from the University of Cardiff Metropolitan (UK), and  has industrial experience working in many leading software development companies in Sri Lanka over the past years.